Yalála specializes in ceramics made from nature foraged clay

We are focused on helping to reduce waste by developing and marketing sustainable solutions. We source food-safe tableware made of 100% naturally foraged soil in various communities throughout Oaxaca, Mexico.

New Arrivals

We are excited to introduce the work of Juan Rodriguez, maker of DERRUMBE. Juan resides in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca and has created some beautiful work to share with you all! Juan was born in Villa de Sola de Vega, where he first learned pottery from his grandmother who was afrodescendant. At 11 years old, Juan moved to Santiago Jamiltepec in the Mixteca region, where his passion for craft was born. He leads with a philosophy of practicing ancestral craft methods, using local materials and being in reciprocity with Mother Nature.

Barro Negro

What is Earthenware?

As a subcategory of ceramics, Earthenware is traditionally made from ‘red earthenware’ clay or ‘red terra-cotta’.  However, some earthenware clays are buff, grey, or white. They cannot be made completely watertight because of their porosity, and it is because of this that glazes are applied to increase their usefulness. This art has been practiced by different indigenous groups in Oaxaca.


ancestral made objects by Zapotecs in...

Barro Rojo