About Us

Yeaj Yalhalhj means "flower from the place of spilling mountain" in our language Zapotec (Xhon).

About Us:
Yeaj Yalhalhj is a Zapotec and queer owned retailer by Manny Mireles. We are currently based in Los Angeles, California.

As a company it is our mission to support and bring awareness to the art of Oaxaca.

At Yeaj Yalhalhj we focus on the arts from the Central Valley, Sierra Norte, and neighboring regions. Our artisans continue to use ancestral methods that have been practiced for hundreds of years. We strongly believe that history and knowledge are embedded in each of the pieces we carry and feel it is necessary to continue sharing our art to prevent erasure.

Yeaj Yalhalhj was born out of Floreria Aquino, a home business that was started 20 years ago by Dora Aquino.