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Yeaj Yalhalhj

The Zapotec Weavers Wool Shoulder Bag

The Zapotec Weavers Wool Shoulder Bag

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Vibrant colored tote bag handmade with love in Teotitlan Del Valle, Oaxaca. These pieces are unique with no color way and design replicated. Dyed wool of colors pink, magenta, green, orange, and ochre. 100% Sheep Wool. Leather strap and zipper closure.

17.5” x 14.75”

The Zapotec Weavers’s mission is to provide proper recognition and compensation. Some weavers from their village don’t get the recognition they deserve from their “patrones,” and it’s time to change how the weaving industry works. Their family and friends who weave take pride in their work and deserve all the admiration, along with a fair pay wage. Secondly, another way they would like to change the weaving industry is by having more brown/BIPOC representation as well as family-owned representatives. 

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